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Cammell Laird workers speak out against strike action

posted on November 28, 2018 categories Corporate News, In The Community

Many Cammell Laird workers who are against the current strike action have felt without a voice. Today we are giving some of those within the Cammell Laird family the opportunity to air their concerns about the danger the company is being put in and directly appeal to their colleagues to end the counterproductive strike action.


“I have worked at Cammell Lairds 15 years and we have always felt like a big family, like every family we have good and bad times, nobody wants to see anyone out of work but to ensure the future of this company the strikes must stop. Customers are losing confidence by the day and the protests are becoming violent with delivery drivers vans suffering abuse at when it isn’t their fight. It is not the way to move forward. We are ALL the future not the just management, not just the men and women on yard, not just the office staff all of us together but we need to get on the same page, divided we fall.”

Lara Kirsopp Cammell Laird Directors Reception


“The future of this company is at stake.  The industrial action is hurting the company when it is vulnerable, we need work and customers are turning away due to lack of confidence resulting from the strikes!  Redundancies are reluctantly necessary to ensure that the future of the yard and of shipbuilding within the country.  Labour cannot be carried for six months, the company does not have the cash flow, the strikes are making a bad situation worse.  The union needs to make contact with the company to bring this to an end.  It is not right and is frustrating that the voices of those who have union membership are the only voices that seem to count.”

Diane Gough Project Manager Cammell Laird