Cammell Laird

Construction Hall

The modular construction hall is one of the largest in Europe. Cammell Laird continues to invest heavily in its infrastructure, ensuring the hall is fit for purpose for the demands of modern engineering.
In recent years the hall has seen a number of major fabrication projects, including building the flight decks for the new QUEEN ELIZABETH class aircraft carrier. In total this saw more than 5000 tonnes of complex steel structure fabrication undertaken in three years.

The hall is situated adjacent to the ship repair facilities. Structures and vessels can be loaded out from the hall to the heavy load out quays, situated on a non tidal wet basin. It further features direct river access via a slipway launch and vehicular access for large module transportation to the dry docks.

The hall offers an unrivalled undercover building environment allowing large steelwork units, such as complete hulls or project specific modules to be constructed without environmental interference.

Overall Building Dimensions & Lay-out:

The building is divided length ways into two slipway bays, which are each further subdivided into a flat ‘pre-fabrication’ area and covered slipway leading to an external slipway.

Overall: 145m(L) x 107m(W) x 50m(H)
Overall Floor Area: 14998 m2
Divided into:
South Pre-fabrication Area: 79m x 45m
South Covered Slipway Area: 66m x 45m
North Pre-fabrication Area: 79m x 35m
North Covered Slipway Area: 66m x 35m
Total External Slipway Area (N&S combined): 200m x 107m
Overall South Slipway: 270m x 41.65m internal & external
Overall North Slipway: 270m x 32.5m internal & external
North/South Side doors: 2 off 18m(W) x 17m(H)
South Slipway: 1 off 42.6m(W) x 26.52m(H)
North Slipway: 1 off 33.6m (W) x 26.52m(H)
2 x 130 tonne SWL overhead per slipway/construction bay. 36m under-hook height.
1 x 15 tonne SWL overhead per slipway. 15m under-hook height.

Facilities & Services:

Power capability for up to 300 welding operatives, along with other essential production services. The hall also includes considerable offices, welfare areas and storage infrastructure and is completely self-supporting.