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RRS Sir David Attenborough Lifeboats Secured for Sea

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RRS Sir David Attenborough, the UK’s new polar research ship being built at Cammell Laird in Birkenhead, has achieved another important milestone with the commissioning and testing of the ...

RRS Sir David Attenborough Fires Up

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The RRS Sir David Attenborough achieved an important milestone at Cammell Laird’s shipyard this month with the commissioning and testing of its power systems. The ship is in the final stag...

RFA Tidesurge Surges into Shipyard

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Onlookers were treated to a striking view as the Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s (RFA) Tide class tanker RFA Tidesurge sailed up the River Mersey to Cammell Laird in Birkenhead. Tug boats came alongside...

Celebrations as HMS Prince of Wales is commissioned into the Fleet

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HMS Prince of Wales, one of the most powerful surface warships ever constructed in the UK, has been commissioned into the Fleet during a ceremony at HM Naval Base Portsmouth. Tuesday’s event was...

Cammell Laird – Supporting Britain’s Hunter-killer Submarine Programme

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Cammell Laird has a proud history of shipbuilding that stretches back almost 200 years, a large part of which is closely tied to Britain’s submarine fleet. The company’s Birkenhead shipyard was ...