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Ansaldo Nucleare, Nuvia and Cammell Laird join forces to target civil nuclear sector

posted on October 12, 2011 categories Corporate News

Ansaldo Nucleare, a member of the Italian high technology group Finmeccanica, has signed a partnership agreement with Warrington based Nuvia and Birkenhead based Cammell Laird to design and build heavy modules and components for the UK’s multi-billion pound civil nuclear programme.

The partnership strengthens the initial partnership deal struck in August 2010 between Nuvia and Cammell Laird to enter the nuclear module market. Ansaldo Nucleare now becomes the third essential partner in this ‘best-in-class’ alliance. Ansaldo brings 30 years experience in the nuclear power sector with capabilities that include plant design, engineering, fabrication management, construction, commissioning, operational assistance, maintenance and decommissioning. In particular, Ansaldo Nucleare is the designer of the major modules for the Westinghouse AP1000 plant and currently involved in the design and construction of the Containment Vessel at Sanmen nuclear power plant in China. Ansaldo Nucleare is fully owned by Ansaldo Energia, a key player among the European power generation suppliers.

The partners propose to build super modules for AP1000 and EPR nuclear power plants, initially for the UK market, using an off-site ‘weather protected’ construction hall and sea access load-out facilities at Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead capable of handling modules up to 5000 tonne.

The principle advantages of this innovative approach lie in the ability to design and build larger units than previously possible in a weather protected factory environment. This will ultimately reduce construction costs, improve quality, safety and delivery performance while reducing onsite construction content by a considerable factor.

John Syvret, CEO of Cammell Laird said “Ansaldo Nucleare has added an important new dimension to the partnership Nuvia and Cammell Laird formed last year, as they have patented module designs together with operational capability and significant design capacity. Ansaldo is also currently involved in the construction and management of the latest AP1000 Nuclear Power Plant being built in China. These skills when added to the capabilities and infrastructure of Nuvia and Cammell Laird, create a unique formula for the design, offsite construction and installation support of ‘super modules’ for future nuclear power plants to be built in the UK and ultimately around the world.”

Keith Collett, CEO of Nuvia UK commented,The addition of Ansaldo Nucleare to the already impressive partnership of Nuvia and Cammell Laird creates a significant proposition to the nuclear new build market, increasing the spectrum of capability, knowledge and experience from one collaborative source. This association provides a real opportunity for Nuvia, Ansaldo Nucleare and Cammell Laird to drive innovation and enhance the technical engineering skills offered to the UK and International market.”

Roberto Adinolfi, CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare, speaking about the challenges ahead said “Ansaldo Nucleare has been a European pioneer in the development of third generation advanced designs based on passive technology that prevent reactor cooling difficulties after a blackout, supporting Westinghouse from the embryonic stages of their design of AP1000 and co-operating with other vendors to manufacture and test innovative components. The agreement with Cammell Laird and Nuvia will inject Ansaldo’s experience in support of the UK nuclear program in a very effective way, creating a win-win opportunity for the partners in playing a leading role in the European nuclear market”.

Nuvia is one of the United Kingdom’s largest independent suppliers of nuclear technology, providing a range of services from front-end consultancy through to design and build and final decommissioning, for new and existing nuclear facilities in the UK and overseas. Nuvia has extensive technical knowledge and experience in the construction of EPR nuclear power plants through its parent company the Vinci Group, one of the largest construction companies in the world. In particular it has specialist knowledge and expertise of UK as well as international nuclear industry standards and regulations.

Cammell Laird is the largest and most successful ship repair and conversion specialist in the UK with new build, major engineering construction capability and an enviable reputation for first class workmanship and industry-leading safety standards. Cammell Laird’s project management team has a proven track record in the execution of major ship repair and shipbuilding contracts and the manufacture of ultra large complex engineering structures.