Cammell Laird

Steel Fabrication Bays

10,000 m2¬†of ¬†steelwork shops adjacent to the Non-Tidal Wet Basin, with a maximum of 70 tonnes overhead craneage supplemented with up to 200 tonne mobile cranes. Fully equipped with semi-automatic MIG welding equipment, submerged arc panel welding tractors and ‘Moggie’ stiffener welding tractors.

Brake press capacity of up to 600 tonnes, rollers, guillotines up to 12mm etc.

There is a large steel processing plant within a 1 mile radius holding stock of several thousand tonnes and complete with blasting/painting shop and CNC plasma profiling beds.

All steel is supplied on a just in time basis blasted and primed and profiled from yard fabrication DXF drawings.